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Whatever you ride or Hike!

What is Ridersmate?

  • The world’s only dedicated GPS safety and tracking device that automatically contacts a dedicated call centre in the event of an accident!
  • Full telematics UBI unit for motorcycle, electric bicycle or any ridden mode of transport
  • Uniquely can be used with motor cycles, bicycles and horse, some of the most vulnerable sets of road users
  • Works on or off road
  • eCall to the unit and rider
  • Unit is portable and attached to rider (allowing text in to and two-way communication with the rider in an accident)
  • Self powered with battery lasting 18-hours +
  • Highly durable, waterproof with crush cell technology
  • Web platform allows full interrogation by user and supplier
  • Social sharing platform and rider community online
  • Improves rider efficiency and reduces accidents
  • Proven technology, used around the world
  • Proven track record – it saves lives
  • Fully customisable accident notification alerts (First Notification Of Loss)
  • Works via GSM/GPRS/SMS, so will work anywhere in the world
  • No installation cost

British design and innovation


Launched April 2015, sold over 10,000 units into 13 different countries.

Unique and Powerful – helps to keep riders safe!

By separating the Ridersmate unit from its cable the unit automatically sends a ‘Rider Down’ message along with location. If a rider falls or is dragged from their bike the message will be sent automatically. If the rider is being threatened in any way, they simply push the SOS button and a message is sent “SOS button Activated” along with the location. Accuracy is approximately  1 to 5 metres, all locations are displayed on a map along with longitude and latitude. The long/lat is often used by helicopters for air accident services and in locations where riders are off road.

Simplicity is the Key – Reliability is Paramount

  • Designed for motorcyclists by a motorcyclist that can be worn by any type of rider.
  • Move from one ride to another, Ridersmate goes with you
  • No installation, ready to use straight out of the box
  • Only requires a locally provided SIM card
  • App for ease of use, Android and IOS Iphone
  • Whatever you ride – Ridersmate will be there for the rider!